Michael 'Eddie' Edwards

Born in Gloucestershire, Edwards made his first attempt to join the British Olympic’ team in 1984, narrowly missing out on a place in the downhill skiing team. Refusing to be put off by this first failure Eddie Edwards moved to the US and continued training as a downhill skier, however a lack of funding quickly put an end to Eddie’s training and, realizing that there were no other British contestants for Olympic ski jumping Edwards turned his training to jumping making him the only possible GB candidate for the ’88 Games.

Edwards first represented Great Britain the 1987 World Championships and ranked 55th in the world, as an Olympic speaker he has notoriously shared the story of where he was when he learnt he had qualified for the next Olympic Games: working as a plasterer and living in a Finnish mental institute because it was cheaper than finding alternative accommodation!

Eddie quickly caught the attention of the British public and by the end of the Calgary Olympic Games in 1988, his unique approach to his sport and determination for success landed him a place in the history books!

Remembered fondly as the underdog, since retiring from sports Eddie Edwards has not only toured the world sharing his story but also gone back to University to gain a Law degree. His amazing story even sparked the interest of Hollywood and, in 2016, the film 'Eddie the Eagle' was released.

Mike Ode

Mike Ode is the owner and Director of Potential Unearthed, a Chorley based Management and Personal Development Training Company. Mike started the business along with his wife Sarah in 2009 and the business has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Mike is also a seasoned presenter and keynote speaker, presenting regularly at regional and national commercial events, business seminars and exhibitions. 

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